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WP_20160422_003Hi… my name is Tracey and I am the owner of Crafter’s Emporium.

I am married with two children and an attention seeking 2 year old pup. I have done Craft Shows dabbled in Etsy Facebook Selling and Ebay and enjoyed myself immensely, however, I personally found that these methods began to not really work for me and this is where my idea for renting space in.

I spent time looking around for a base where I could hire shelf space affordably and discovered that although there were places, there was nothing in the local area that was either suitable or affordable to me. Therefore, armed with a ton of enthusiasm, together with a wonderful husband and children, I decided that if you can’t find what you’re looking for – make one yourself… and I did (or they did to be honest!).

We launched Crafter’s Emporium on 21st April 2015. On July 4th 2015 we opened Phase Two and in December 2015 we had the opportunity of moving our Emporium to the other side of the building giving us a beautiful light window room with lots of space for Crafts and Workshops. We moved in 5th April 2016 almost one year to the date of our launch date back in 2015.

We are now up and ready for Workshops and these can be found in our Events section. So if you would be interested in holding your own workshop or attending a tutor ran session please email us or send us a facebook message. All tutor led classes need to be prebooked as numbers are limited.

COMING SOON: SHOP FROM OUR WEBSITE post and packing applies. CAN’T WAIT? Have a look through out Facebook Page, drop us an email and will arrange to post your item pp. applies.