Toffee Apple Soy Wax Melt Bar

Limited time only, when they’re gone, they’re gone!

Wickedly indulge the senses with this mouth-watering toffee apple scent, where succulent top notes of red apple drift into a delightfully sweet, delectable heart of peach, laced with creamy swirls of toffee. Cushioned by a sumptuous fond of musk, a whisper of vanilla and a frosting of sugar.

Hand poured in Northumberland using eco-friendly, highly scented soy wax. Each bar gives up to 48 hours of fragrance.

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Avenue 25’s Luxury Soy Wax Melts have been created to give huge bursts of scent to fill your home for up to 12 hours per melt. Remove all packaging and place one melt into the clean well of your burner. Always use burners in line with manufacturers instructions. Use a 4-hour, unscented tealight (not a big chunky one) and make sure your burner is on a stable surface away from pets, children, and draughts before lighting. Never move a burner or leave it unattended whilst it is lit.

After approx. 10-12 hours you may start to notice the scent fades and it is now time to change your melt. Do not add new melts to old wax pools, this will dilute the new melt’s scent. Instead, light a tealight in the burner for a few seconds, extinguish and then simply push the old wax disc out. The soy wax can be disposed of in your general waste bin. Wipe your well out with a damp cloth and you are ready to go again! If you want a stronger scent, try adding a second melt to the burner, but beware some of them are very strong!


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