Dry Cleaning

COVID19 we cannot accept any dry cleaning during this time.  When we reopen we will only be accepting Dry Cleaning that is pre-bagged with your name address, description of item clearly marked.   Dry Clean bags are available for £0.00 within The Emporium.

We are Agents for Enhance Dry Cleaning.  Our pick up and drop of days are Wednesdays and Fridays, the best day to leave your order is on a Tuesday or a Thursday to ensure pickup on Wednesday and Friday.


2 Piece £14.99
3 Piece £11.99
Jacket Only £ 8.99
Waistcoat £ 5.49
Tie £ 3.99

Jacket £ 8.99
Full Length Coat/Parka £11.99
Child’s Coat £ 4.99
Woollens £ 5.99

Day Dress £ 9.99
Skirt £ 6.99
Pleated Skirt £ 8.99
Blouse £ 4.49
Evening Dress £19.99
Wedding Dress From £59.99

Home Accessories and Throws From £20.00
Boiler Suit £ 4.99
Dressing Gown £ 7.49

As we run the collection from our Gift Shop the storage is limited and, therefore, we apologise but we cannot accept ‘heavily soiled/been out on the town’ orders (if you get our drift!)