Hello there, my name is Tracey, and I am the owner of The Emporium based in Prudhoe.

Crafters Emporium began in a small room within a larger building in Mickley Northumberland in 2015, expanding slowly throughout the years we moved onto the main street in Prudhoe in 2018.

We loved our little shop at NO72 and were having a lovely time until the pandemic arrived, we found ourselves closed as a non-essential shop.  Thankfully, we weathered the storm by concentrating on our online presence during that time.  We reopened when we were allowed to do so and battled on, not knowing that we would soon be lucky enough to move into a much larger shop a few doors up!


We moved into NO79 our new double fronted shop in May 2022 and currently house over 40 talented Crafters Makers and Artists, many of whom have been members since our opening in 2015.

How does The Emporium work?

We run The Emporium via shelf/unit rental. The minimum term is 3 months.  You simply bring or post your stock, all priced and labelled with your name and contact details, we will then photograph and introduce you on social media.

How do I get paid?

All sales are handwritten on our sales sheet and typed up at the end of the month, payments are made when all the admin is done, and payments cleared.

When is my rent due?

You pay your rent on or before the 25th of each month.

What are the spaces priced at?

We have tried very hard to accommodate a budget for everyone, our prices begin at £16.00 a month and go up to £60.00 a month dependent upon the space you require.   Please note that this fee does not include Izettle Fees, anything purchased by card will come in at 1.75%.  There is a minimum term of 3 months.

Where is Prudhoe:-

Prudhoe is a town in south Northumberland England about 11 miles west of the city of Newcastle upon Tyne and just south of the River Tyne.   Situated on a steep north facing hill in the Tyne Valley of Prudhoe, we also have a 12th Century Castle, a landmark badger, and a beautiful riverside country park all just a 5-to-10 minutes walk from the shop.

Rent a Shelf! – The Emporium | Prudhoe (craftersemporium.co.uk)

How do I join and how much will it cost?

Rents start from £16.00 a month for shelf rent and rise dependent on the space you require.   Our largest space comes in at £60.00 per month 0% so you can see that there is something for everyone, be it  cube, small, medium, large, extra large.  ( Please note Izettle Fees of 1.75% are Not included in the price. Event Evenings come in at 25%)

To enquire about joining us please drop us a line or click on the below contact form.

Rent a Shelf! – The Emporium | Prudhoe (craftersemporium.co.uk)